Responsibility for the Operations of the Funds

The operations of the Funds and the party involved in the administration of such operations are as follows:

  • General Management and Administration: Matco provides asset management and administration of the Funds.
  • Investment Advisor and Management of Portfolio Assets: Matco provides management of the portfolio assets including the provision of investment analysis, investment recommendations, and the making of investment decisions, as well as responsibility for the selection of non-proprietary managers utilized within an overlay strategy.
  • Purchase and Sale of Portfolio Assets: Matco holds responsibility for the purchase and sale of portfolio assets by a Fund and the making of brokerage arrangements relating to the portfolio assets.
  • Distribution of FundsMatco and authorized dealers provide distribution of the shares or units of the Funds. Matco acts as a dealer for distribution of the Funds in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.
  • Trustee: RBC Investor Services Trust generally holds power and authority for the Fund property and over the business and affairs of the Balanced Fund, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Trust Agreement.
  • Custodian: RBC Investor Services Trust holds the assets of the Funds and, as service provider, provides valuation and recordkeeping services.
  • Oversight of Manager: Independent Review Committee reviews conflict of interest matters relating to the Funds referred to it by Matco and reviews compliance reports periodically delivered by Matco.

Service Provider & Governance Information

Legal Counsel: Bennett Jones LLP

Accounting/Audit: KPMG LLP

Custodians: RBC Investor Services Trust, National Bank

Independent Review Committee: External Regulatory Review Group