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Unclaimed Property Act

Two Provinces have now enacted legislation that governs how securities in accounts which are unclaimed over a period of time are dealt with.


Public Curator Act (Quebec)

This act which came into force on July 1, 1999 is to promote the recovery and management by the Public Curator of property not claimed by its owners or interested parties whose last known domicile was in Quebec. This means that for accounts either with the last known address in Quebec, or the transaction that produced the security took place in Quebec which have had no transaction and the account statements are being returned for the past three years will be transferred to the Public Curators office.


Unclaimed Property Act (British Columbia)

This act came into full force on July 1, 2000 and is quite simply to reunite owners with their unclaimed property. It applies to any account where the last known address was in B.C. or if not known the transaction was arranged in B.C. The definition of "unclaimed" is despite Matco Financial Inc. reasonable efforts the owner is not located and notified within 12 months after a communication (be it a cheque statement or marketing material) is returned undelivered. To be considered unclaimed no transaction has been processed or any  cheque(s) remain uncashed.


Privacy Policy

Matco takes your privacy seriously. We all want to feel safe about the information we give to financial institutions. That's why Matco is committed to safeguarding information provided to us by advisors or by individual security holders of our products and customers of our services.

Matco does not sell or share non-public personal information of individuals outside of our firm except as is permitted by law. Our privacy statement describes the steps we take to protect each individual's information and explains when non-public personal information about current or former customers may be shared with other parties.

What information do we collect? When you invest in our products or engage our services, your advisor or you provide us with your non-public personal information. We collect and use this information to service your accounts, provide you with the desired services and respond to your requests. The non-public personal information we collect falls into the following three categories:

  • Information we receive from you on applications, whether we receive the form in writing or electronically. For example, this information may include your name, address, social insurance number, investment selection, beneficiary information, account holdings, financial situation and possibly your personal bank account information if you are signing up for certain account options that involve the transmission of money between your bank account and your account with us.
  • Information about your portfolio, transactions and account history with us. This category also includes your communications to us concerning your portfolio, investments or accounts.
  • Other general information that we may obtain about you for the purpose of financial and trust and estate planning.

To offer you a broad range of products and services, we may share information under limited circumstances. In order to better service your accounts and provide you with more choices, we may share non-public personal information under the limited circumstances described below:

  • Within Matco: We work as an organization to provide products and services that benefit our customers. We may share all three categories of non-public personal information among ourselves.
  • Outside of Matco: We share all three types of non-public personal information with third party companies outside of Matco, only as permitted by law. Below are some examples of third parties to whom we may disclose non-public personal information. While these examples do not cover every situation permitted under the law, we hope they help you understand how your information may be shared. We may share non-public personal information:
    • With companies that work for us to service your accounts, or to provide services or process transactions you've requested. For example, we may use companies to assist us with mailing statements, processing cheques, or providing online transaction or account maintenance capabilities.
    • With a party representing you or to other third parties at your consent.
    • When permitted or required by law, such as in response to a subpoena or other legal process or the use of your social insurance number to submit tax reports to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
    • Additionally, we may disclose all three types of non-public personal information to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf or to other financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements. If this occurs we will ensure that the outside companies with whom we do business are under contractual obligations to protect the confidentiality of your information, and to use it only to provide the services we've asked them to perform.

If you wish to withdraw consent to your personal information being collected, used and disclosed for the purposes listed above, please contact us at the number or address listed below. However, in some circumstances, legal requirements may prevent you from withholding or withdrawing consent. We may also limit the products and services we provide to you if you withhold or withdraw consent if the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information is necessary for provision of that product or service.

Confidentiality and security. Our employees are required to follow procedures with respect to maintaining the confidentiality of our client' non-public personal information. Additionally, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the information. This includes performing ongoing evaluations of our systems containing customer information and making changes when appropriate.

Keeping Current. Through account statements and on-line account access, we provide you with access to your account information. If, for any reason, your account information needs to be updated or changed, please contact us immediately.

Review of our Privacy Policy. We will review our privacy policy annually. Periodically we may revise our privacy policy. We will provide you with a revised version if the changes materially alter the previous privacy policy. We will not, however, revise our privacy policy to permit the sharing of non-public personal information other than as described in this notice unless we first notify you and provide you with an opportunity to prevent the information sharing. You may contact us for a copy at (403) 539-5740. Our Manager, Client Services may be reached at the number above or by mail at the following address: Manager, Client Services, #400, 407 – 8 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 1E5.