A disciplined approach for Not-For-Profits & Institutions to planning and asset management.

Matco Financial’s disciplined approach to planning and asset management provides foundations, endowments, trusts, condominium boards (Not-For-Profits), and corporations with the ability to make more strategic investment decisions with lower investment management fees.

Matco's Not-For-Profit/Institutional value proposition:

  1. Partnership with a Portfolio Manager
    • Decision-makers – direct access to Portfolio Managers
    • Independent – not attached to particular products or providers
    • Entrepreneurial – alignment of interests and objectives
    • Experienced asset managers – background in foundations and Not- For-Profit
    • Private client service orientation – understanding tax, accounting, & legal issues
    • Monthly account reporting and quarterly investment performance reporting
    • Customized reporting and account administration
  2. Performance
    • A rigorous, logical, repeatable, & transparent institutional investment process
    • Proven risk-adjusted returns
  3. Pricing
    • Lower instititutional management fees
    • Low turnover, bulk trading costs – not commission oriented

The Matco team’s multi-level investment strategy incorporates a bottom up quantitative approach with a top down fundamental qualitative overlay. This strategy allows us to make investment decisions based on both fundamentals, macroeconomic risks, and our extensive experience.

Matco offers pooled and segregated (separately-managed) products and services in the following mandates:

  • Canadian Fixed Income
  • Canadian Balanced
  • Canadian Equity
  • Canadian Small Cap Equity

We work directly with our clients, their consultants, and advisors to ensure your investment and reporting needs are clearly defined and appropriately addressed.

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