Matco Balanced Fund Overview

Matco Balanced Fund


The Matco Balanced Fund’s underlying investment mandate is to first protect then grow capital on a risk-adjusted basis through a diversified portfolio of income producing securities using a risk management approach coupled with buying lower volatility securities.

The long term asset mix consists of one half Canadian investment grade Fixed Income securities (known to many as Bonds), and one half large cap dividend paying equities from both Canada and around the world.

The Matco Balanced Fund is an actively managed portfolio generally consisting of 70-80 securities diversified by asset class, market capitalization, and geographic exposure.

Is This Fund For You?

The Matco Balanced Fund is ideal for those investors saving for retirement or currently retired who are looking for sustainable income paid quarterly while maintaining an opportunity for capital growth.

It also serves as a great one-stop investment solution for those investors looking for an investment portfolio managed with a risk-first approach. Coupled with lower volatility securities, it has the ability to take advantage of valuation extremes, whether that is in the bond or the equity market.

Matco’s core philosophy of focusing on lower volatility income paying securities paired with a low fee continues to attract investors who need retirement income and less market risk, all bundled in one solution.

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Portfolio Managers

We employ an investment committee approach to ensure our client portfolios’ are managed according to its underlying investment policy statement in any market cycle using a disciplined, rigorous, and repeatable institutional investment process.

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