Matco Canadian Equity Fund Overview

Matco Canadian Equity Fund


Focusing on capital appreciation and dividend income, the Matco Canadian Equity Fund invests primarily in large to mid-cap Canadian companies.

The fund is distinguished by its focus on capital appreciation opportunities, strong downside protection, and ability to generate tax-efficient sustainable income.

Is this fund for you?

The Matco Canadian Equity Fund is ideal for those investors saving for retirement and who would like exposure to Canadian bellwether companies that pay dividends. As a result of this focus, the fund typically provides investors lower risk than the typical Canadian Equity fund.

The portfolio is structured to provide lower volatility for clients as we strive to capture less of the down markets while matching positive markets.

Sector Allocation (%)

Sector Allocation

Portfolio Managers

We employ an investment committee approach to ensure our client portfolios’ are managed according to its underlying investment policy statement in any market cycle using a disciplined, rigorous, and repeatable institutional investment process.

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