Matco Canadian Small Cap Fund Overview

Matco Canadian Small Cap Fund Overview


The Matco Small Cap Fund’s investment mandate is to achieve a balance between current income and long term capital appreciation. Matco’s core philosophy of focusing on income producing securities and lower volatility is fundamental to our investment approach. This is achieved through a diversified portfolio of small and medium sized dividend paying companies in various industries.

The fund invests in companies that have proven business models, strong management teams, a sustainable dividend and do not carry a lot of debt. We invest in small businesses; we don’t trade stocks. Our average hold period is 3 years to allow these companies to execute their business plan. We look for companies that have growth potential and a stable core business that supports a dividend.

On the valuation side, we are very cognizant of how much we pay for companies we invest in. As a result, overall our philosophy is best described as income and growth at a reasonable price.

Is This Fund For You?

The Matco Small Cap Fund is ideally suited for investors who would like to receive current income in the form of dividends, while not giving away the opportunity to grow their capital. Smaller capitalization companies also tend to outperform larger capitalization companies in growth markets, making this fund a perfect complement to any well balanced portfolio to provide exposure to higher growth small and medium sized companies.

Sector Allocation (%)

Sector Allocation

Portfolio Managers

We employ an investment committee approach to ensure our client portfolios’ are managed according to its underlying investment policy statement in any market cycle using a disciplined, rigorous, and repeatable institutional investment process.

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