Broker/Dealer Accounts

Matco mutual funds can be purchased through approved full-service brokers, discount brokers, mutual fund dealers, and financial planners. They are available to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario who have a minimum initial purchase of $1,000 per fund, per account.

Good relationships are hard to find. That is why, at Matco, we have built relationships with most of the major dealers where you can gain access to our fund line up.

 For an overview of all our funds, please click here.

Consistent, Competitive, Personal

Each Matco mutual fund is managed by our in-house team of experienced investment professionals through a repeatable, discliplined process which includes top down macroeconomic analysis and bottom-up security selection. This means you benefit from our commitment to:

Strong, Consistent Performance

Our goal is to provide you with strong, long-term performance without exposing you to unnecessary risk. To that end, our funds have shown to consistently rank in the first and second quartile, often with lower volatility than these funds’ peers. Our portfolio managers’ compensation is based on the performance of each of their funds, so their success is closely tied to your success.

Competitive Pricing / Low Fees

We recognize that fees play an important role in any investment decision. As such, each Matco mutual fund is available to you, through most advisors by way of our High Net Worth Series, therefore, saving you money on management fees.

You also benefit from our Corporate Class* structure, which lets you switch between Matco Equity funds without incurring capital gains taxes.

Personalized Service

Regardless of the size of your portfolio, Matco appreciates your business. We will enhance the current relationship by providing our monthly blog and quarterly newsletter.

*Matco Canadian Equity & Matco Canadian Small Cap Funds make up the Corporate Class structure resulting in investors being able to switch between these Funds without incurring capital gains tax.

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