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Quarterly Newsletter - Q1 2015

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5 Things everyone needs to know about dividend paying companies.

things to know about dividend paying companies

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Matco Financial is an independent, privately held discretionary investment counsellor & asset management firm that has been serving the needs of individual investors, planners, advisors, trusts, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations.

Our weekly blog provides timely news and advice to keep your investments on track.

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The Matco Team reveals their Top 10 Investment Themes for 2015. To view the post, please click on the image.

Press: The Canadian Business Journal

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This is a great overview of our firm by The Canadian Business Journal. To know more about our firm, please click on the image.

Featured Quote:

“The mandate behind creating Matco Financial remains twofold: creating an independent investment asset management firm, and create a place where  the founding partners can better manage their own financial assets,” says Jason Vincent, President and COO.


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