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Matco Wealth Management

Together, we can tackle life's complexities

Working with our advisors gives you a plan for today and tomorrow centred around your aspirations.
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Wealth management is more than just handling finances

Building generational wealth involves planning for life’s milestones, securing your future, and preserving your legacy. With continual changes in the financial markets, you need disciplined, analytical guidance grounded in experience to partner with you on your journey through life.

Matco Wealth Management supports you at every stage of your financial journey, providing personalized strategies, guidance, and a commitment to your success.

Here's how we can partner together

Wealth Management

Work with a dedicated advisor who will create a personalized plan to meet your goals and provide advice online or in person.

Family Office

Work with our family office specialists to create a personalized wealth strategy focused on managing significant wealth.

Why partner with us?

Personalized Approach

We are built on the foundations of a multi family office. Our advisors provide you with the same high-quality approach to managing wealth.

Trusted Guidance

Partner with experienced advisors for advice unique to your goals via phone, video, or in person.

Tailored Strategies

See how our investment strategies are built to fulfill your needs at different stages in life.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are 100% privately owned. Our employees are dedicated to providing investors with an experience they can’t find at a bank.

Matco Wealth Plan

Our comprehensive approach provides guidance, personalized planning, and advice to optimize the financial landscape for individuals, families, and their businesses.
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Market commentary to guide you on your journey

Tap into our portfolio managers' decisions with perspectives on the latest news and developments in the market to increase your knowledge and understand your investments.